Testimonials from Chiropractic Assistants

CHUSA made it so easy for our patients to receive cash discounts. Our patients love the affordability and ease of the program. Thorpe Chiropractic absolutely loves CHUSA!

CHUSA is an established part of conversations with our patients who do not have insurance, have high deductibles, or Medicare. After deciding on our fee schedule, we updated our electronic fee schedule on ChiroTouch. When a patient joins CHUSA, their ledger is automatically adjusted to reflect the discount. Most patients that come into our office are glad to know there is an affordable alternative to paying full price. Aside from hiring an attorney to draft a legal discount program, this is the simplest way to legally give patients the discount they deserve. CHUSA allows our practice to acknowledge a person's financial limitations while fairly compensating our providers for services rendered.

CHUSA works very well in our office to offer an affordable solution for those who don't have access to health insurance. It was already implemented in our practice when the doctor took it over. The transfer between doctors was quick and simple. Our patients love having an option for a discounted rate on their chiropractic services without having to purchase health insurance.

Having CHUSA has really helped in making loyal patients. Cash patients feel like they can be given the same quality of care as someone with insurance. They love the option to be able to save money and still get full treatment to improve the quality of their lives. CHUSA is very easy to explain, understand, and process. It takes less than two minutes to help a patient save and continue care.

Amazing company to work with. If we need anything, we can call and get help right away. Great people to work with. Great energy!

Most patients are appreciative of the option to not have to pay the full prices for services. It also allows for more benefits and options for those without insurance.

We have a lot of patients using ChiroHealthUSA who otherwise would be unable to afford care.

Margaret Holloway, CAMargaret Holloway, CAHennington Wellness Center

CHUSA is awesome! Quick and easy process for our patients. Our staff likes the simplicity. It improves wellness retention. When we added a nurse practitioner to our clinic, updating and adding charges was simple and quick. It only takes a couple of minutes to sign the patient up and provide them with discounts. With the high deductibles I see, the patients like knowing there is another option for them to be able to afford treatment. The same goes for our cash patients. CHUSA is a no-brainer! It's easy to learn for your staff. Your patients will thank you and are more likely to stick with their wellness visits if they are on CHUSA!

CHUSA is working wonderfully in our office. Patients that could not afford to be a cash pay can come in according to medical necessity - not according to their budget. The patients that have signed up have said how much they appreciate the benefit. The setup was completely painless. Our rep checks with us regularly. She always lets us know she is here for us with anything we need. I wish CHUA reps could train other insurance companies! The website is very easy to use and navigate. It has great training resources.

Tanita Sessions, CATanita Sessions, CADaySpring Natural Health Center, Thayne, WY

We put in a lot of time analyzing our fees so they would be easy to explain. And, the CHUSA scripting that we spent time honing, will improve drastically how confidently and positively we answer new patient shopper calls.

CHUSA is an amazing program, especially for those patients that have high deductibles or do not have insurance. It was easy to implement, and the free brochures make it easy to explain to patients. The patients like having CHUSA as an option, especially when they know they are saving money!

We love using CHUSA! Patients love knowing they can get a discount when they either don't have insurance or have a high deductible. This is the only DMPO we use. It's easy and patients love it!

Kimmie Wallace and Karen MyrickMcCracken County Chiropractic, Paducah, KY

Ashley Jadonath, CARevitalize Care of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

Denise Kramer, Office ManagerDenise Kramer, Office ManagerPrime Care Chiropractic, Winter Haven, FL

I love the website. It is super quick and easy. We had a patient that was moving and wanted to know if anyone in his new area accepts ChiroHealthUSA. I was able to go on the website and pull up 10 doctors in his new area. He was very excited.

Lauren Giller, Front Desk ManagerLauren Giller, Front Desk ManagerLighthouse Chiropractic, Gainesville, VA

CHUSA is working very well. Patients love that we offer a program that will allow them to afford chiropractic care, especially when their insurance will not cover it. They also like the set fee structure. We used to be 70/30 insurance, but now we're 70/30 CHUSA.

CHUSA is always putting the chiropractor first. They are more than a discount company. They are looking out for the profession.

CHUSA is amazing! Most of our patients use it when they don't have insurance or they run out of visits. The information is easy to relay to the patient to help them understand the program. It gives them comfort knowing they have an option if they don't have insurance, especially being able to include anyone in their household on their CHUSA plan. Chusa is the best option for your office and your patients.

ChiroHealthUSA works really well for our office. It gives patients a way to receive our care without otherwise being able to do so. ABout 75% of our patients use it. Some even use it instead of their insurance. It lessens the chance of patients not being able to receive your care.

Our patients love using their CHUSA to receive a discount on services. They tell us it is well worth the fee and pays for itself. It is a great option for those that don't have insurance and for services that insurance doesn't cover. Setup was easy. Once we decided what we wanted to do, we had it set up in no time.

CHUSA works amazingly well. I love the website! It has great resources for providers and patients. We get a report each month of sign-ups and who is expiring. Plus we can print the stickers ourselves. Customer service is always 100%. Ginger was amazing getting us set up. It took me longer than normal getting things together because I had just taken over the clinic. She was so patient with me. Patients like CHUSA very much. Join today! It's patient-friendly and clinic-friendly.

Robin Belmonte, CA/Massage TherapistRobin Belmonte, CA/Massage TherapistHoffman Chiropractic, Ocean Springs, MS

ChiroHealthUSA is an extremely valuable asset to our office. The program works smoothly and efficiently. It was quick and easy to implement. Our patients love having ChiroHealthUSA as an option. It has been a lifesaver for those with no access to insurance benefits or those whose insurance benefits have been exhausted but the patient understands the valuable nature of chiropractic adjustments. I would absolutely recommend ChiroHealthUSA to another provider. ChiroHealthUSA creates opportunities for many patients to receive care and bridges the gap for those with no available insurance benefits.

At Reed Chiropractic we love ChiroHealthUSA. It is one of our favorite programs that we take advantage of. We also love when we have patients who have come in initially and already are aware of ChiroHealthUSA!

CHUSA is very easy to implement, to use, to register patients, and to renew. When we have new patients call and state they do not have insurance or their insurance is out of network, they are pleased that we can offer CHUSA.

We love CHUSA, and so do our patients! It is the best answer for patients who struggle with the ever-rising cost of healthcare (ie, deductibles!). Patients are always so relieved to be presented and affordable option. One of my favorite things about CHUSA are the weekly webinars. SO relatable and practical. Such a benefit!

Lauris Geheren, Office ManagerLauris Geheren, Office ManagerNew Life Chiropractic, Virginia Beach, VA

CHUSA works great! It gives us peace of mind. We implemented in one day. Patients love the idea of having a reduced rate and enthusiastically sign up for it. I always feel like out cash patients sign up and then bring their families in. CHUAS helps with Medicare and other insurances to navigate their poor coverage and high deductibles. It makes cash patients feel like they are getting a break.

ChiroHealthUSA works wonders at creating an affordable option for patients with limited or no insurance. It gives patients a peace of mind knowing they are able to get the treatment (or therapy) they need at an affordable price. I would definitely encourage other providers to implement CHUSA in their practice.

Cheryl Davis, CACheryl Davis, CADavis Chiropractic, Gulfport, MS

Once ChiroHealthUSA is explained to patients, they love it! In fact, they're the ones who ask when it's time for renewal. Once they know how much money they're going to save, they're all about it. Especially when they know how much their deductible is or if their insurance does not cover chiropractic.