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ChiroHealthUSA is proud to be associated with the following companies that inspire, motivate, educate, and elevate the chiropractic industry. Join these leaders as they help clinic teams unlock their productivity potential and transform their businesses with CHUSA.

Meet our SOFTWARE Partners


ChiroTouch is a fully integrated practice management software solution designed to increase efficiency and save time. The EHR-certified chiropractic software includes a customizable SOAP note interface, patient scheduling, billing capabilities, and numerous reports to monitor accounting, all working toward a truly paperless practice.


Best Practices Academy partnered with iPatientCare EHR to bring an EHR system fully customized for efficiency and capable of meeting the demands of increasing compliance measures. A collaborative effort of compliance and clinical experts from Best Practices Academy partnered with iPatientCare makes for a simple, yet powerful EHR system.


ECLIPSE® is an all-inclusive Practice Management Software which includes a certified Complete EHR in accordance with ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 guidelines (seeking Stage 2 certification in 2014) and is used by over 7,000 Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Medical practices across the United States.


EMBODI is an all-in-one Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) platform for your practice to simplify and optimize home exercises, online scheduling, patient communications, and review management, with the unique benefit of being able to bill new revenue streams for RTM. EMBODI saves you precious time and energy while earning you money and enhancing your patient and employee experiences.

Genesis Chiropractic Software

Our software and practice management system is the best chiropractic software available today, with more than 9,000 users, Genesis is also the easiest software and billing service system to implement. We have years of experience helping chiropractors with electronic health records and insurance so you can get your claims paid quickly.


PayDC is a completely integrated, fully stage II certified cloud-based EHR solution featuring automated SOAP Notes, Scheduling, Compliant Care Plans, and now our new Direct to Payer (D2P) Billing platform. Contact PayDC today to schedule a live demonstration of one of the most compliant and innovative systems on the market today.

Meet our CONSULTING Partners

Best Practices Academy

At Best Practices Academy (BPA), we take care of the burdens of running a practice. With Academy resources and clinic management services, we make it easy to meet the regulatory demands of healthcare, provide staff training, hone your clinical skills through evidence-based clinical quality improvement, and implement systems in your practice that allow you to do what you love, help your patients.

Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching has built a solid reputation over 20 years by making practice less complicated, more profitable and more fun. We combine the industry’s most experienced team of Personal Coaches with ethical systems and impressive online tools to manage change for you-marketing, documentation, coding, compliance, staff training and more. Now you can focus on what you love to do the most…care for patients.


SIDECAR is a highly effective billing system with flat-rate pricing because you should be the only person making more money if your business is doing well. And we designed proven business management solutions to ensure your practice runs like a well-oiled machine—so you have the time and energy you desire for your patients and your personal life.

Staffless Practice

Dr. Jodi Dinnerman is the founder of the Staffless Practice Success System — an implementable solution for wellness practitioners to automate systems for practice growth and joy. Serving the families of Clinton, New Jersey, chiropractic care since 2001, she moves through the world with a hunger for learning, a passion for serving, and a joy-filled spring in her step, which is nothing short of contagious.

The Strategic Chiropractor

The Strategic Chiropractor teaches DC’s to maximize income and decrease audit risk through sound billing, coding, documentation, compliance and business strategies designed to help chiropractors work smarter, not harder. The company was founded by Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-P who is a former insurance claims analysis, certified professional coder, certified compliance professional and the first chiropractor ever certified as a professional medical auditor.

TLC Superteams

TLC coaches are: Responsive, Accountable, Focused, Experienced. Each of these seasoned coaches are uniquely balanced in their abilities to facilitate your need for procedures and systems as well as development of self. Each of us has “chinks” in our armor that holds us back regardless of procedural know how. Discover the miracle within TLC discovery coaching through any and all of our TLC coaches.

Meet our COMPLIANCE Partners


ChiroArmor is a full service, compliance team dedicated specifically to you. We’ll handle your assessments, reviews, reports, and all your general compliance needs. When you partner with ChiroArmor, you’ll quickly learn that our team fiercely protects what matters to you. Over the past decade, our team of experts has been working to protect our profession and educate our doctors on navigating compliance while trying to run a successful practice.


The Chiro Code Institute provides education, resources, and tools to create successful ethical practices for Doctors of Chiropractic.

KMC University

KMC University provides Chiropractors with tools and solutions to improve and maintain the reimbursement and compliance performance of their practice, delivered with maximum effectiveness, innovation, and ease of implementation. From Reimbursement and Compliance solutions offered in an “à la carte,” to customized coaching and accountability for you and your team without long-term commitments, KMCU University offers products and services to fit every practice, personality, and pocketbook.

Target Coding

Target Coding has been helping chiropractic and MD-DC-PT offices get paid fairly and properly for more than 10 years. Our billing compliance, documentation and CPT coding products and services are designed to be educational, enlightening and financially rewarding. We’ll help you incorporate the most ethical and highest quality billing and coding policies and procedures.

Meet our BILLING Partners

Gold Star Medical

Gold Star Medical provides remote billing and administration staff for doctors throughout the USA. GSM also provides practice management consulting services, including telephone and email consulting, on-site office visits, strategic planning, goal setting, practice start up, credentialing assistance and clinic design. Award winning company with over 30 Years’ experience in the chiropractic field.


Medical billing and collection services exist to manage healthcare practices. These services alleviate healthcare providers of time-consuming, tedious work, but they seldom offer a way to increase the practice’s bottom line significantly. iCollect Medical Billing Services, however, will take over this time-consuming work and alleviate an overworked, overburdened and under-performing medical staff, along with increasing the practice’s return from insurance carriers, outstanding and delinquent accounts.

Meet our INSURANCE Partners


ChiroSecure has insured DCs with malpractice insurance for over 21 yrs. Dr. Stuart Hoffman, president of ChiroSecure, understands the growing needs of the Chiropractic community and consistently assists DCs to maintain the lowest risk possible, through his guidance and years of risk management experience – as well as his years as a practicing Chiropractor. Offering multiple options, to suit each doctors needs, ChiroSecure is able to provide the Most Comprehensive policies at the Most Competitive rates in the market.


We were founded in 1946 by chiropractors who weren’t satisfied with their insurance options. We’ve never strayed far from that spirit, always striving to do the right thing for our customers and our community at every opportunity, even if it means paving the way.

Whether it’s malpractice insurance, business insurance, credit card processing, equipment loans, or any of our other financial and insurance products, we provide customers with the thoughtful solutions they need to grow their businesses.


Since 1983, the OUM Chiropractor Program has provided malpractice insurance to chiropractors. Our policy, underwritten by financially stable carriers, offers broad protection that covers the range of professional chiropractic services you provide within your state’s scope of practice. The OUM commitment to chiropractors is the same today as it was when we began: to diligently protect and defend our policyholders against malpractice claims, even if charges are groundless, false or fraudulent, while providing unparalleled customer service.

Meet our MARKETING Partners

Cash Practice

Informed patients are proven to be worth more than those who aren’t. That means more money in the bank for you.
Imagine having patients who come to you fully knowing what care will do for them. They’re committed to completing it and even make arrangements for active care after the initial treatment. That’s the power of loyalty. Cash Practice gives you the tools to make this an everyday occurrence in your practice. See your team go from just working to having fun while taking care of your patients. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it with Cash Practice.


Established in 2003, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) is a not-for-profit organization that educates the public about the many benefits associated with chiropractic care through a national public relations campaign. Recognized as the most successful promotional effort in the history of the chiropractic profession, the campaign consists of: press releases, advertisements, advertorials, public service announcements, white papers and independent media opportunities.


Turn your TV into a digital marketing platform. GoWellnessTV delivers health and wellness videos, as well as the technology to promote and market your business, products and services. Video content is displayed based on the topics that are important to your business. An online interface allows for remote management and further customization.

Patient Pipeline

At Patient Pipeline, we have features that ensure better leads and more conversions for our clients. We focus on the unique attributes of your company so that we can provide you with 20/20 marketing vision.

We do more than build a flashy website; instead, we offer the full package of online marketing tools.

Meet our PRODUCT Partners


Have you utilized a consultant before in practice, and found their approach to be too canned? Our practice business consulting services are designed around your needs! Give us a call today at either of the below telephone numbers or email us, and we will set up a FREE one hour complimentary consultation to see how we can help you develop a strategic business plan designed to help you regain your PASSION for practice!

Foot Levelers

Foot Levelers, Inc., the world’s exclusive provider of individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics and other therapeutic products, has been serving healthcare professionals for over 60 years. Foot Levelers supports every step patients take to enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or play.


MeyerDC™ is a family-owned American supplier of chiropractic products. More than a leading chiropractic supplier, we’re a true advocate for the more holistic approach to health and wellness that DCs practice, because we know your work helps patients to live more balanced, active lives. And so we’ve dedicated our work to supplying you with the largest selection of chiropractic products and equipment, fastest shipping, benefits of exclusive vendor relationships, and the most helpful and knowledgeable customer service in the industry.

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