Partnered with 46 state associations. Available in 49 states (excluding Washington).

State Associations

ChiroHealthUSA is one of the simplest and easiest solutions to counter potentially illegal dual fee schedules and improper time-of-service discounts offered by doctors in an effort to make care more affordable for patients. The great news is that when your state association partners with ChiroHealthUSA, not only do doctors and patients benefit, but the entire profession wins through our donation to YOUR State Association, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and the World Federation of Chiropractic. Donations have reached over $3,400,000 and the numbers are growing every month!

  • State Associations: Essential non-dues revenue, support and compliance-related information are yours when you partner with ChiroHealthUSA.
  • Doctors: Enjoy more compliance, peace of mind, and simpler financial options that help patients combat rising health care costs, increasing co-payments, and skyrocketing deductibles.
  • Patients: Membership ensures the ability for patients to access chiropractic care at a price that fits their pocketbooks.

This is not an idea that MIGHT work…it is working! Over 1,300,000 member patients, more than 7,400 member doctors, and many of the largest state associations in the country can’t be wrong! They will attest that ChiroHealthUSA is one of the BEST and EASIEST ways to offer LEGAL, COMPLIANT discounts to patients.

If you are interested in partnering with ChiroHealthUSA to benefit your state association, please contact Kristi Hudson at 888-719-9990 or


Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-PTom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-PPresident, The Strategic Chiropractor

There are three huge reasons that I recommend ChiroHealthUSA to my coaching clients at my seminars, and to so many chiropractors wrestling with fee schedule compliance. First, it’s SAFE! And attempting to walk the fine line between reasonable discounts, dual schedules, and other discount dangers that risk your license is most certainly not. Second, it’s SOLID. There are other companies that offer a similar solution but none have done their legal homework like ChiroHealthUSA. Third, it’s SIMPLE! There is no solution like ChiroHealthUSA that can do all of the above AND do it so easily.

I use CHUSA in order to offer a discount for my cash-pay and uninsured patients without lowering my value and reimbursements, or devaluing the services I provide. I want to make care affordable for people while still being fair to the profession and not breaking any rules. CHUSA lets me check all those boxes at once.

Having CHUSA has really helped in making loyal patients. Cash patients feel like they can be given the same quality of care as someone with insurance. They love the option to be able to save money and still get full treatment to improve the quality of their lives. CHUSA is very easy to explain, understand, and process. It takes less than two minutes to help a patient save and continue care.