ChiroHealthUSA® makes regular compliance education and resources available to our providers, reducing their likelihood of audit findings. Because using ChiroHealthUSA® lowers their risk, NAS Insurance Services, LLC is offering CHUSAdefense™ to active* CHUSA™ providers at a substantial discount.

Annual coverage is available from
$100,000 up to $1,000,000.

For more information on NCMIC professional liability coverage or CHUSAdefense™, contact:

Insurance Services

For more information on becoming a CHUSA™ provider, contact:


Coverage is arranged by NAS Insurance Services, LLC, coverholder of Lloyd’s.
* Providers must enroll at least one patient in ChiroHealthUSA® each month to maintain active status.
  • CHUSAdefense™ pays for the defense costs, civil fines and penalties arising from allegations of improper billing, HIPAA, EMTALA and STARK violations.
  • Active* ChiroHealthUSA® providers receive a substantial discount over stand-alone coverage.
  • Full Prior Acts available
  • Broad definition of Billing Errors
  • Proceedings to include both governmental and commercial payors, qui tam plaintiffs, or voluntary self-disclosure
  • Up to $100,000 legal expense coverage for disciplinary proceedings by a state Licensing Board can be added via endorsement
  • Available ONLY to providers who maintain professional liability coverage through NCMIC.
Just one more way ChiroHealthUSA is helping you practice with peace of mind.