Defending yourself from billing errors proceedings or other regulatory actions can be financially devastating. It will likely cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars more than your malpractice policy may cover. Are you prepared to fight that battle alone? Now, you don’t have to.

NAS has substantially reduced the cost of CHUSAdefense for ChiroHealthUSA providers and NCMIC malpractice insurance policyholders.

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  • Pays the defense costs, civil fines, and penalties due to billing errors proceedings, HIPAA proceedings, EMTALA proceedings, and Stark Proceedings.
  • Provides coverage for unknown prior acts and a broad definition of billing errors.
  • Covers you for proceedings brought by commercial payers or government entities.
  • Provides from $100,000 – $1,000,000 in coverage.


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This policy is arranged by NAS Insurance Services, LLC, coverholder at Lloyd’s. NCMIC Insurance Services is the agent for the CHUSAdefense Audit and Protection Policy. The NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is underwritten by NCMIC Insurance Company. In the states of Florida and New York, the NCMIC Malpractice Insurance Plan is issued by NCMIC Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Just one more way ChiroHealthUSA is helping you practice with peace of mind.