A Perfectly Protected Practice™ manages risk by using ChiroHealthUSA®, ChiroArmor™️, and CHUSADefense®. A doctor in the U.S. who did not have the Perfectly Protected Practice™, was fined $317,034 for $1,680 in overpayments from Medicare. This audit, and others like it, are proof that Medicare and other payers are stepping up their investigations and continuing to develop the means to analyze our claims. Because of this increased scrutiny, chiropractic claims will be reviewed in more detail.

Thinking that it won’t affect you is no longer an option. Now is the time to ensure that your documentation, coding, and billing procedures comply with the rules and regulations. Not sure where your practice stands? Find out your Risk Assessment Score. In less than five minutes, you can answer eight simple questions and find out exactly which aspects of your financial policies may have you inadvertently exposed to potential complaints, audits, fines, and penalties.

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