It all starts with quick credentialing. You’ll work directly with one of our credentialing specialists, who will provide a quick and concise plan to get you into the network in as little as one day. 50% of patients who join ChiroHealthUSA renew their memberships the next year. A 5% increase in patient retention can boost profits by 25% to 85% (Business News Daily, 2021).

  • Submit your application
  • Provide proof of insurance and your actual fees
  • Review your fees and create your discounts
  • Learn how to have the CHUSA conversation
  • Enroll patients
  • Protect and grow your practice

ChiroHealthUSA is the gold standard for protecting your practice. But our practices have also seen significant growth when offering CHUSA to their patients. Why? It’s all about the conversation. When patients value your services, they come back. In fact, as mentioned above, 50% of them renew and return which is one of the reasons the average CHUSA practice has had revenue growth of 20% vs. 2019. And to top it all off, over 2,500 patients are searching for CHUSA providers every month. It’s time you became one of them.

We discovered CHUSA at our annual FCA convention in Orlando years ago. Since I am not in-network with any insurance providers, except Medicare, of course, CHUSA helped me offer discounts to my self-pay/cash pay patients without having to worry about “dual fee schedules”. You guys are always so helpful, and we appreciate what you do!