What You Say CAN Hurt You: Surviving and Thriving in Sports Chiropractic

Jul 24, 2018

Presented by Dr. Alan Sokoloff
Tue 7/24/2018 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Dr. Alan Sokoloff

In recent years, chiropractors have continued to grow as an integral part of sports at all levels. Yet there are some DC’s that lose great opportunities faster than they can get them. Much of that comes from what we say. Learn some key risk management strategies so you can not only survive, but thrive in a sports setting.

3 Learning Objectives / Take Homes

  1. Before you commit to working in a sports environment, you will know the basics of staying involved.
  2. You will learn the best way to communicate with other healthcare professionals in the sporting world.
  3. You will have a better understanding of your role in sports to help you succeed.

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