(This is NOT) A Documentation Workshop

Sep 29, 2020

Presented by Ellen Fitzenrider​​​​​​​, DC
Tue 9/29/2020 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Ellen Fitzenrider​​​​​​​, DC

ALL comments about ‘eye rolls’, “head in the sand”, and “flying under the radar” aside, the truth is that 37-50% of Chiropractors STILL have non-compliant documentation. As a Virginia doc who was audited in 2018 along with dozens of her colleagues, I speak from personal experience that living with your office AT RISK is no longer an option.

In actuality, fixing your documentation, once and for all, is a TRANSFORMATION for your entire office, from revisiting and changing often long-standing policies and procedures, to staff communication with patients, to modifying patient habits and behavior, to proper utilization of your EHR software, as well as a thorough review and understanding of carrier guidelines by everyone in the office. 

ONLY THEN can you, and your staff, strategize and implement the changes necessary so that YOUR office can STOP being at risk of failing a documentation audit.


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