Telehealth: Making it Work in Chiropractic Practice

Apr 8, 2020

Telehealth: Making it Work in Chiropractic Practice


Dr. Scott Munsterman


Wed 4/08/2020    
1:00 pm

Telehealth is quickly becoming the mantra during COVID-19 – but how does it work for chiropractic clinicians? 
Now is not a time for guess work. It is important that doctors of chiropractic understand how to perform telehealth in a way that is compliant at both the state and federal levels, as well as understand practically, how it can be performed in their practice. Join compliance expert, Dr. Scott Munsterman of ChiroArmor, to learn how doctors of chiropractic can deliver clinical services via telehealth now and into the future.

Do NOT let the desire to bill for a telehealth visit turn into a board complaint or malpractice claim. Understand how to perform this service correctly and practically.  

Join us as we address these questions and more:
1. Am I allowed to perform telehealth services?  Understand your state law and health plan benefits.
2. What services can be provided? Develop your telehealth services within coding requirements.
3. How does it work? Step by Step of Compliant Protocols & Workflow Scenarios.
4. How do I properly code & bill for telehealth services?
5. How do I properly document a telehealth visit?
6. How do I protect myself and my practice?
7. Tips for Reimbursement