Strategy for your COVID-19 Response

Mar 26, 2020

Strategy for your COVID-19 Response


Dr. Scott Munsterman


Thu 3/26/2020    
2:15 pm

Deploy an action plan for the COVID-19 response and layout a strategy for building your clinical business.

  • Create a safe clinical environment during COVID-19
  • Use tele-health to maintain continuity care with established patients & learn how to code/bill for this service
  • COVID-19 Public Health effort – Outreach to your patient base to inform and check in on them.

Join us on this strategic webinar as we focus on building your practice during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is natural to be fearful of the unknown, wondering how much of a financial hit this will take on the business and your personal life. The day to day stress of waiting it out can become overwhelming. But now is the time to focus on one thing: building and retooling your clinical business to not just survive but thrive as we pull through this temporary time of crisis.