Solving the Mystery of Medical Necessity

Mar 3, 2020

Solving the Mystery of Medical Necessity


Lisa Maciejewski-West


Tue 3/03/2020    
2:15 pm

“How many visits can I get…..” is a question Lisa Maciejewski-West hears from clients all the time.  “How many visits for low back pain?”  “My consultant told me to schedule all my patients for 36 visits…and have them pre-pay.”  “I was told Medicare has a 12 visit limit.”

​​​​​​​All too often doctors look for an easy-to-follow, cookie-cutter approach to patient management.  As a result, some providers bill insurance beyond the limits of medical necessity, and some leave money on the table by cutting patients loose to maintenance care too soon.  Lisa will help you understand medical necessity from the insurance company’s perspective and guide you to the resources that will help you manage your patients’ treatment plans in a legal and ethical manner.