Motor Control Exercise: The Chiropractic Opportunity in Low Back Pain and Wellness

Sep 25, 2018

Presented by Steven Weiniger
Tue 9/25/2018 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Steven Weiniger

Why the American College of Physicians recommendations are your Key to MD referrals

There’s a historic shift in medical attitudes towards chiropractors, especially for managing non-specific, chronic low back pain. Plus, most MDs and other healthcare providers agree with the relevance of posture, opening the door for chiropractors to stand tall as posture specialists.

Addressing long-standing posture issues takes more than restoring motion and neural control with an adjustment. Especially for chronic low back pain, general rehab often can’t retrain subtle patterns of motion and segmental stabilization. So how do we address what’s often the root of the problem?

Join the Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, and find out why the American College of Physicians recommends motor control exercise (MCE) for low back pain over drugs and surgery. Learn how StrongPosture® MCE protocols synergize with spinal manipulation by correlating subtleties of perceptions with objective benchmarks to systematically correct sensorimotor errors and functionally strengthen posture.

Discover strategies to integrate chiropractic with billable postural motor control exercise to deliver results that patients are excited about… driving greater compliance and enthusiastic referrals.


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