Mindset 2.0: How To Radically Grow Your Practice by Becoming SuperHuman

Oct 23, 2018

Presented by David Bayer
Tue 10/23/2018 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

David Bayer

As entrepreneurs, we can easily find ourselves in an endless cycle of looking for the right strategy to grow our businesses when the truth is that 90% of the success that we create in our businesses (and lives) is a result of our mindset. Your brain is the most advanced technology in the universe and at the center of your personal operating system, and how you think is at the foundation of all of the results that you are or are not achieving in your business.

As practitioners, we understand that, by restoring the body to its natural alignment and intelligence, the result is health. What’s equally true is that when we restore ourselves to OUR natural intelligence, rather than being caught up in the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and negative bias of the mind, the result is impact, wealth, joy, success and legacy. In this training, David Bayer, a leading expert on mindset and the evolution of intelligence, will teach 3 strategies for how to go from motivation and inspiration to transformation, and how to align your conscious and unconscious thoughts and thinking to produce extraordinary results in your business and life.


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