The Power of Delegation: Making Time Work for You

Feb 25, 2020

The Power of Delegation: Making Time Work for You


Dr. Mark Sanna


Tue 2/25/2020    
2:15 pm

What allows some chiropractors to achieve so much more than others and still have time for more in their lives, while others seem to struggle to simply accomplish the bare necessities in life? Do they have a secret “extra hour” in their day? No, they haven’t been blessed with 25 hours a day while the rest of the world has to get by with only 24. Each of us has the same number of hours in a day at our disposal. It’s what we choose to do with our time that makes the difference! Delegation is empowerment. When properly executed, delegation acts as nourishment for you and your staff. Delegation builds a sense of “team.” This session will help you master the Art of Delegation and use it to produce extraordinary results. It can become the key to your future that enables you to achieve all that you dreamed possible and some things that you never imagined could be possible. Attend this session and learn how to get an “extra hour” back in your day!