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Presented by Dr. Mark Sanna
Tue 9/24/2019 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Dr. Mark Sanna

What we’ll cover in this event…

  • Posture has become one of the most overlooked aspects of good health and longevity.
  • Proper posture does more than simply affect the way we present ourselves to the world.
  • Without good posture attaining and maintaining good health is impossible.
  • Maintaining correct posture may be one of the best-kept secrets to obtaining a longer, healthier, and more enjoyable life.
  • Proper posture is the manifestation of physical, mental, and emotional balance.
  • Research over recent years has shown a clear and direct connection between poor posture and diminished quality and longevity of human life.
  • With the right posture, anyone can appear younger, thinner, and more confident.

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