Hacking Chiropractic: The Technology Adjustment

Mar 12, 2019

Hacking Chiropractic: The Technology Adjustment


Dr. Jay Greenstein


Tue 3/12/2019    
2:15 pm

We are living in an unprecedented time of massive change – certainly in the world at large, and most definitely, in healthcare. While the last decade has focused on the value-based care proposition, triple aim (really quadruple when you include providers), new delivery models, and new payer models, simmering underneath all of those changes is a growing undercurrent with far greater reach. This soon to be tidal wave has the potential for both positive and negative impact. Rapidly evolving technologies – artificial intelligence, deep machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3-D printing, genomics, mobile health technologies, wearables, telehealth, big data, and more, are coming together synchronously creating a perfect storm of massive disruption. The application of these technologies are already beginning to have large scale impact which empowers patients to create improved lifestyle behaviors, improve patient outcomes, lower costs to the patient and the system, provide more secure networks and environments, disrupt third-party intermediaries, and a LOT, LOT more, all to create change on scale that we have never before seen in our lifetime.

When is the last time chiropractic disrupted in healthcare? 1895? Licensure in every state? Insurance coverage? Predatory third party administrators? With these incredible technological advancements, doctors of chiropractic must be educated, prepared, and determined to use these technologies to hack a broken healthcare system, with many promises, and few deliverables on improving quality, lowering cost, and creating remarkable patient experiences. The chiropractic profession cannot leave it to just the medical and technology community to lead the way. We must be part of the conversation, and more importantly, part of the technological advancement through application and innovation. For we know, many of these emerging technologies will serve the greater good. However, there are always two sides to every coin. The flip side of how these technologies can be used can be just as impactful, but not in a positive way for patients or providers. This session will discuss the overview of technologies, it’s implication to the chiropractic profession and the patients we serve and lay out a recommended action plan for our future. Disruption is the present, and prosperity is in our collective future, as long as we apply these emerging technologies in the most efficient and effective ways to drive even greater value and impact.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Ensure the audience understands blockchain technology and its application to healthcare and chiropractic.
  2. Ensure the audience understands artificial intelligence/deep learning and clinical algorithm technology and its application to healthcare and chiropractic.
  3. Ensure the audience understands big data, and the ownership of that data to apply technology to create level playing fields with payers and policymakers.
  4. Ensure the audience understands cloud computing technology and its application to healthcare and chiropractic.