Presented by Dr. Michael Bagnell
Tue 5/18/2021 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Dr. Michael Bagnell
  1. Understanding our place in Neuroscience Healthcare
  2. Creating a Brain-Based Conversation in your office
  3. Improved Outcomes with Brain-based thinking
  4. Working with Dolphins

About Dr. Bagnell: Dr. Michael K. Bagnell has achieved Diplomate status in Chiropractic Neurology and completed his Fellowship in brain injury rehabilitation. His brain-based healthcare approach blends the world of physical medicine with clinical neuroscience for the benefit of his clients. He practices in Pinecrest, FL, for over 31 years and teaches around the country on the implementation of a brain-based approach among his colleagues. He offers the Brain Camp with the dolphins in the Florida Keys on special dates throughout the year. For more information, or watch videos at the website or directly to the office: 305-259-8755.​​​​​


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