Chiropractic in the Military… The Time is Now!

Apr 27, 2021

Chiropractic in the Military… The Time is Now!


Bharon Hoag and Dr. Tim Novelli


Tue 4/27/2021    
2:15 pm

The military is the last uncharted territory for chiropractic. Today there is no pathway for a chiropractor to join the United States Military and serve as a chiropractor. That is all about to change thanks to the work of The Patriot Project and OneChiropractic. This 45-minute webinar will break down the history of why things have been the way they are but more importantly what is being done now to change things for the future. Dr. Tim Novelli and Bharon Hoag share how our profession is coming together to ensure the most deserving Americans gain access to chiropractic. You don’t want to miss this discussion!