Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework Overview

Jun 23, 2020

Chiropractic Entrepreneur Framework Overview


Dr. Jay Greenstein


Tue 6/23/2020    
2:15 pm

Learning the Chiropractic Entrepreneurial Framework (CEF), you will gain the knowledge and implement the innovative CEF®. This system, developed by Dr. Jay Greenstein, provides the perfect strategy to create core business fundamentals for your practice. Application of these fundamentals will allow you to build a strong practice with clearly identified strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve your business goals.

​​​​​​​Concepts covered include:
(1) Vision of the practice owner;
(2) Creating the culture you want, not just what you have,
(3) Key Performance Indicators that gives the team key insights to what’s going well and what can go even better,
(4) Clarity around key processes that drive the business forward,
(5) How to take advantage of your practice’s biggest problems and turn them into opportunities, and
(6) The power to take growth to a new level.

This course is ideal for new practitioners and established ones alike, as long as you are committed to taking your practice to the next level.