5 Mistakes Almost Every Chiropractor is Making Online…And How To Fix Them

Jan 29, 2019

5 Mistakes Almost Every Chiropractor is Making Online...And How To Fix Them


Dr. Nick Silveri


Tue 1/29/2019    
2:15 pm

Every Chiropractor I speak with wants more new patients coming in from their online efforts, but most don’t know what they don’t know, so they tend to get frustrated and just give up. A lot of them have been ripped off in the past by people promising to explode their practice with their magic silver bullet. As the owner of LVRG Media, a digital marketing agency for chiropractors, I have looked at hundreds of Chiropractor’s websites, Facebook pages, Google presence and all sorts of other digital assets. What I find is that over 90% of them are making these same 5 mistakes, and in most cases, those are the reason they aren’t able to be successful when it comes to marketing online.

Digital marketing for a Chiropractic office is more than just Facebook Ads. It’s more than just SEO on your website. Unfortunately, because what should really be happening is complicated it doesn’t get done. If every Chiropractor focused on just these 5 things, not only would we all be more successful, but many more people would be experiencing the life-saving benefits of Chiropractic. I have owned my practice for 12 years and the strategies we implement for our clients are the exact strategies I use in my practice to generate over 50 new patients every single month. I will be sharing those strategies on this call so if you are looking to grow your practice the right way using digital strategies, you won’t want to miss this presentation!