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ChiroHealthUSA is a provider-owned network designed with doctors in mind. Our network model allows you to offer legal, network-based discounts to cash, under-insured and “out of network” patients who are members.

Members covered by Medicare and federal programs are eligible for discounts on non-covered services. The network approach to discounts reduces the risks of compliance and OIG violations related to inducements, improper down-coding, dual fee schedules, and potentially inappropriate time-of-service discounts.

With ChiroHealthUSA, you can choose the level of discounts. The existence of a contract allows you to set, offer, and accept these rates from our members. Our contract eliminates the “middle man,” and solves a host of legal and regulatory problems for you and your patients. ChiroHealthUSA only makes membership available to individuals, which means there is no potential for “silent PPO” activity to lower your reimbursements.

Patients pay a low annual membership fee that includes them and their legal dependents. This fee is often recovered through discounts received on their first visits. There is no cost to the clinic for this program.

People are talking about ChiroHealthUSA

Kelle Plotner, DC

Kelle Plotner, DC

Certified Medical Compliance Specialist, Plotner Consulting

‘Yeah, but…’ are the two words I hear the most when I consult with an office. ‘Yeah, but I’ve always done it this way.’ ‘Yeah, but no one ever really gets in trouble for it.’ These ‘Yeah buts’ always deal with the financial craziness going on in most chiropractic offices. Once I help an office implement ChiroHealthUSA, all the ‘Yeah buts’ disappear, leaving them free from the worry and burden of non-compliant issues. Do yourself a favor; check them out.

Brian Larson, DC

Brian Larson, DC

We have a large number of patients whose yearly deductibles seem to be climbing higher and higher each period. These patients would not seek or receive chiropractic care without ChiroHealthUSA.

Dr. Joe Siragusa, CAE

Dr. Joe Siragusa, CAE

The North Carolina Chiropractic Association promotes ChiroHealthUSA because of the extensive legal and regulatory background work that has been done to protect our members while allowing them to offer a cash discount plan.

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