Scholarship FAQ’s

What is the Foxworth Family Scholarship?

The Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship awarded to students currently enrolled in Chiropractic College. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, and their commitment to making an impact in their communities and the profession. The Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship is fully funded by ChiroHealthUSA in honor of President Dr. Ray Foxworth’s parents, Drs. Betty Pace Mathews and Charles Vernon Mathews. ChiroHealthUSA will award $15,000 annually to the recipient of the scholarship and an additional $10,000 donation to the chiropractic college where the recipient of the scholarship is enrolled.

What is ChiroHealthUSA?

ChiroHealthUSA is a provider owned network working in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization. We provide a simple solution when it comes to offering legal network based discounts for cash, underinsured and “out of network” patients. Helping patients with the cost of care is the right thing to do. Doing it the WRONG way can cost you. We are a growing network of over 7,400 healthcare professionals who have already helped over 1,300,000 patient families get the care they need at a fee they can afford.

Why did ChiroHealthUSA start a scholarship fund?

ChiroHealthUSA has been strongly committed to the advancement and support of the chiropractic profession since its inception in 2007. ChiroHealthUSA has donated over $3,400,000 to chiropractic and has made the ongoing commitment to support the education of students. The mission of the Foxworth Family Scholarship is to support exceptional students and their desire to make a difference in Chiropractic.

Who are the Foxworth family?

Dr. Betty Pace Mathews worked as a CA for a local chiropractor before she was accepted into Chiropractic College. She worked as a vet tech by day and attended chiropractic school at night with an 8-year old Ray Foxworth sitting beside her. After graduation, she opened her practice in a small town in a state where chiropractic was not insured or even licensed yet. She used garbage cans as “developing tanks” for her x-rays. Dr. Betty Mathews was clearly an inspiration, but the desire to learn and the unwavering support of his father, Dr. Charles Mathews, has had a lasting impact on his son, too. In fact, when Dr. Foxworth graduated in 1985 and sat for the National Boards, his father, was right beside him taking and passing the Boards despite not being in Chiropractic College for many, many years. As a second-generation chiropractor, Dr. Foxworth did not originally plan to follow in his parents’ footsteps. While attending a state chiropractic convention in 1980, he heard his now long-time friend Dr. Sig Miller speak and it changed the course of his life. He packed up his young family, headed to Cleveland Chiropractic College, and never looked back. Over the next 30 years, he would be appointed by two governors to serve 12 years as the first chiropractor on the Mississippi State Board of Health, two of those as chairman. He was given the opportunity to start the first chiropractic program in a Mississippi VA hospital and later became the founder and president of ChiroHealthUSA.

Can I mail in a paper application?

The Foxworth Family Scholarship only accepts applications submitted online.

What does the Foxworth Family Scholarship look for when selecting recipients?

CHUSA Scholars are well-rounded, bright students who not only excel academically, but are also actively involved in their schools. These leaders are passionate, service-oriented, and demonstrate a sustained commitment to bettering their community and the profession.

Is the scholarship need-based?

No, the Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship is achievement-based.

How can the scholarship be used?

You may use $10,000 of the funds for tuition, and $5,000 for other educational expenses, such as on-campus housing and textbooks.

Can I make changes to my application after it has been submitted?

Yes, you can log back into your application and make changes until April 30, 2023, at midnight CDT.

When will I be notified if I am selected to receive the Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship?

The student selected to receive the Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship will be notified by phone and email before July 22, 2024.

When will I be notified if I am not selected to receive the Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship?

All applicants who complete the application process will receive notification, via email, once the selection process has been completed.

If I am selected to receive the Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship, will I be required to attend The National Convention?

Yes. The recipient of the Foxworth Family Chiropractic Scholarship will be required to attend The National Convention in Orlando, Florida. ChiroHealthUSA will cover all expenses for the recipient to attend this event.