All in the Family

Feb 1, 2016 | State Associations

Dr. R. A. Foxworth, FICC, MCS-P

Dr. R. A. Foxworth, FICC, MCS-P

If you were to ask your members, they’d probably tell you that they’d love an easy way to bring in more new patients. Yet, many of them are ignoring the “new” patients they have right under their noses; the family members of the patients they’re already treating.

DCs love it when entire families come in for care. It’s great to make a positive impact on mom or dad’s health, but when they start bringing in their kids, doctors know that they’ve created a relationship with that family, likely for life, or certainly as long as that family remains in town. If 50% of any doctor’s patients brought in the rest of their families for care, that doctor would have a much more stable and profitable practice and a reduced need to keep coming up with ways to get brand new people in the door.

What gets in the way? Quite simply, often its money. More people may be insured than ever before, but today’s insured patients are in a whole new world of unaffordable care. They may be dealing with high co-pays, even higher deductibles, and in many cases, no coverage for chiropractic whatsoever. So those families will prioritize; dad has a bad back, so he gets chiropractic care. For mom and the kids, care would be nice, but nothing’s hurting or on fire right now, so the rest of the family gets put on the back-burner…pun intended.

ChiroHealthUSA has a great solution for your members: our Family Plan. We’re a network that works with a Discount Medical Provider Organization (DMPO), a legal solution in every state in the country for doctors wanting to provide in-network discounts by contractual agreement, just like third-party payers do for their insureds*.

There’s no fee for your member doctors to become ChiroHealthUSA providers and patients join for a mere $49 per year per family, a cost easily recovered in the first visit.

Best of all, ChiroHealthUSA providers can set legal, compliant discounts based on their actual fee schedules. They can cap fees for new patients, usually at less than patients would pay to see their “in-network” insurance providers, and also establish lower per-visit fees for second, third, and fourth family members.

We offer new patient and patient conversion scripting that makes the whole process easy for any CA or DC to explain. In a healthcare environment where patients’ healthcare choices, including whether or not to treat all the members of the family, are motivated by cost, it just makes good sense to offer patients an alternative that makes sense to them and fits into their budgets.

Please, pass our name along to your members. We can truly help make a difference for those doctors, just as we have for every one of our 3,000+ providers all over the country. We have several short videos that explain how ChiroHealthUSA can help doctors grow their practices without spending a dime. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this information and link to your members. As ChiroHealthUSA grows, so does our ability to help state associations like yours, COCSA and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

ChiroHealthUSA actively supports state associations. If your association is already working with us, thank you! And, please give us a call if you or your team needs a refresher on how we can work together to keep your members educated, informed, and generating revenue for your association. If your association isn’t on board yet, give us a call today and join your colleagues in 30 other states who have already found out how ChiroHealthUSA can help keep your members educated, engaged, and supporting YOU.

*Approval pending in Washington State