The Importance of Good Running Shoes

Feb 15, 2020 | Patients

by Amber White • 

ChiroHealthUSA Social Media Specialist

Ever wonder why after a routine run, you feel splitting pains in the soles of your feet after they have quit slapping against the pavement?  This pain could be a good indicator that your favorite pair of sneakers might not be workout ready. The perfect running shoe is kind and sturdy on your feet and allows you to finish your daily race. Most people fail to understand that a runner should feel the importance of good running shoes, or not having them, after a strenuous few feet.

Avoids Unnecessary Pains

Friction is the number one culprit that causes unnecessary pain to the foot. Any shoe, whether it’s of the athletic variety or not, will cause friction between material and skin if worn incorrectly, for the wrong physical activity, during strenuous exercise, a long period of time, or if not sized correctly. This irritation results in discomfort such as blisters and sore feet. Another important reminder is to pick out the correct type of running sock. Cotton socks are considered a huge no-no when running since they aid in the friction felt by the feet during running. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary pains, be sure to invest in a good pair of running shoes.

Better Fit

You will know that you have picked out the best running shoe because it will fit snuggly molds perfectly to your foot.  A great pair will provide a lightness to your run due to its form-fitting shape. Although you want the fit to be snug, be sure that the running shoe is loose enough so that annoying heel friction won’t slow you down or cause unsightly blisters. Nowadays, most athletic shoe stores have employees, or machine tests in-store, that determine your foot type and can provide you with the best kind of running shoe for you.

Helps You Get the Most Out of a Run

Want to know the secret to the best type of running shoe? It’s a shoe DESIGNED for running. Seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case for running novices who find any sneakers in their closets and hit the track. The thing about running shoes is that they are designed to handle the shock (approximately 2.5 times your body weight) that is created by the impact of your foot striking the ground, while providing enough cushioning for the stress felt on your feet, legs, and body, from repeated foot-landings per mile. The right style of running shoes will help you go the distance!