House Calls for Chiropractic

Jul 5, 2022 | Patients

by Brent Hearn • 

Scenario 1: You had every intention of making it to your chiropractic appointment on time today. But between getting the kids out the door for camp, taking the dog out for the umpteenth time, and fielding a call from the aunt who seems to have a sixth sense for the worst possible time for a chat, you’re definitely NOT going to make it on time. 

Scenario 2: You work from home, which you (usually) love. But today, you’re called into a last-minute video call that your boss swears will only last five minutes. You know better, though, and half an hour later, you’re grumbling as you throw your car in gear to try to only be a LITTLE late to the chiropractic appointment you made four months ago, as opposed to INEXCUSABLY late.

Scenario 3: The bed is nice and comfy. Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Hit snooze.

If you’re familiar with any of these scenarios—or any one of a hundred others that can make you late for your chiropractic appointment—you may have at some point muttered under your breath, “Sure would be easier if they would come to me.”

As it turns out, you’re in luck. In some cities, there are mobile chiropractors who make house calls! Though the idea of a chiropractor that comes to you may seem novel, house calls for medical care have been around for a long time. What’s old is new again, and it fits in perfectly with today’s on-demand culture. 

Think about it. Don’t want to cook? Have dinner sent to your home. DO want to cook but don’t want to go to the grocery store? There are plenty of grocery delivery services for that. Need some errands done? There are apps for that. Why shouldn’t we be able to receive chiropractic care at home? There are a number of upsides to having your chiropractor come to you rather than the other way around.

Home care eliminates transportation barriers.

What can be an inconvenience for some can be a serious problem for individuals who are older, who have a disability, or who have other transportation challenges to consider.

No travel and no waiting rooms mean less wasted time. 

It’s not just the time you have to block out for your appointment. It’s also the time and hassle it takes to get there and the time spent in the waiting room. Having a chiropractor come to you takes less time out of your busy schedule and they deal with the traffic.

It’s all about you…

Your chiropractor can spend more time with you, allowing them to more fully assess your needs. There’s no one else in the waiting room because there is no waiting room. 

Or maybe it’s all about your family…

If you have multiple family members who see a chiropractor, it can be difficult to juggle all the appointments. With home care, it may be possible for everyone to receive chiropractic care in the same visit.

Or maybe it’s all about your whole office!

Having a mobile chiropractic practice means a chiropractor isn’t limited to only house calls. They can go wherever their services are needed. Own a business and want to treat your employees in a novel way? Bring in a mobile chiropractor to take care of them! Want to do something nice for the first responders in your community? Pitch in with some friends and treat them all to an adjustment!  Whether it’s your house or the firehouse, there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of chiropractors who are increasing their mobility!


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