by Amber White

ChiroHealthUSA Social Media Specialist

Let’s face it. You’re not going to be able to incorporate your full, normal day’s work out into your vacation schedule. Whether it’s because time prohibits the activity or the proper workout equipment isn’t available, it’s not a feasible goal to try and work it in. However, it is possible to find a fitness routine that allows you to stick to your workout regimen all while enjoying some time away. Here are five ways. 

1.  Do Your Research

While planning your trip, be sure you check out different workout facilities near your accommodations. Most hotels offer a small fitness area these days (some include fitness classes and walking programs). You can also search for walking trails in the city or even call local gyms to inquire about day passes.

2. Pack Your Own Equipment

Do you have an inflatable fitness ball, a jump rope, maybe some resistance bands? Throw these small items into your suitcase for a workout on the go. Their compact size and weight make them easy to tote and provide a quick cardiovascular workout and upper and lower body strength-training workout.

3. Track Your Steps

You’d be amazed at the distance you walk trying to find your way or exploring a new place.  Strap on a pedometer, or invest in an app or fitness tracker, and watch your step count rise each day. Try a goal of 10,000 steps a day to really challenge yourself while you spend time with family or friends.

4. Be Adventurous   

What better time to keep active and try a new activity than during a vacation?  Grab a bike, canoe, or maybe a surfboard, and see where life takes you all while burning off a few calories and doing something good for your body. 

5. Spend Time with the Ones You Love

Catching up with friends and family is the highlight of any vacation trip. Instead of sitting on the sofa and chatting, why not get moving and take a walk around the neighborhood. You can chat about the latest news while sneaking an extra workout in.

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