Headaches are nothing new. They are sources of pain that many have faced. And no matter how many times we’ve had a headache, that throbbing (and sometimes downright pounding) feeling doesn’t get easier to handle. Desperate businesswoman with head in hands, light effect

Headaches may be caused by any number of changes in your body, like allergies, lack of sleep, dehydration, and poor posture.

If you find yourself in pain, try out these natural remedies for relief:

1. Essential oil: Peppermint and lavender have been said to do the trick. Peppermint helps open up clogged blood vessels, which can be a source of your headache, and lavender helps with stress and anxiety.

2. Ginger: Steep some ginger root for tea; this spice is a big inflammation and nausea reducer.

3. Water: Not drinking enough water is reason enough for your body to flare up into a headache. Water is powerful and can help prevent headaches as well as reduce the severity of an existing one.

4. Sleep: According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. A lack of sleep can cause a number of health issues, and a headache is just one of them. If you are already suffering from a headache, take some time in a dark and quiet room to rest.

5. Cold compress: A cold compress on your head may be what you need to soothe and reduce pain.

6. Stretch: Take just a couple of minutes for some stretching. Rotating your neck and relaxing your shoulders can help reduce the intensity of your pain.

7. Apple: Turns out that an apple a day may keep your headache away. Apples and apple cider vinegar can balance the pH of your body and relieve tension.

8. Chiropractic care: Adjustments can help reduce stress in the body; this manipulation has shown to aid in relieving migraine headaches and setting your body back on a healthy course.

Many of these remedies work to prevent headaches too! If the other items on this list are not bringing you relief, a chiropractic adjustment — which is whole-body and drug-free — may be just what your body needs.

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