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ChiroHealthUSA is one of the simplest and easiest solutions to counter potentially illegal dual fee schedules and improper time-of-service discounts offered by doctors in an effort to make care more affordable for patients. The great news is that when your state association partners with ChiroHealthUSA, not only do doctors and patients benefit, but the entire profession wins through our donation to YOUR State Association, the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress and the World Federation of Chiropractic. As of October 2016, donations have reached over $900,000 and the numbers are growing every month!

  • State Associations: Essential non-dues revenue, support and compliance-related information are yours when you partner with ChiroHealthUSA.
  • Doctors: Enjoy more compliance, peace of mind, and simpler financial options that help patients combat rising health care costs, increasing co-payments, and skyrocketing deductibles.
  • Patients: Membership ensures the ability for patients to access chiropractic care at a price that fits their pocketbooks.

This is not an idea that MIGHT work…it is working! Over 300,000 member patients, more than 3,000 member doctors, and many of the largest state associations in the country can’t be wrong! They will attest that ChiroHealthUSA is one of the BEST and EASIEST ways to offer LEGAL, COMPLIANT discounts to patients.

What are the Benefits?
People are talking about ChiroHealthUSA

Dr. Ty Talcott, CHPSE

I am well aware of the confusion, frustration and at times helplessness that accompanies trying to meet government regulations, documentation regulations, and all of the other administrative nightmares that are a part of today’s practice. I recommend ChiroHealthUSA to all of my ongoing personal and practice development clients to eliminate one of the most dangerous exposures you can have, relative to illegal and inappropriate fee schedules while offering an opportunity for many patients to get care who could not afford it otherwise.

Beth Barnett, DC

We were really hesitant to start with CHUSA, worried that it would provide craziness in the office with our established patients who have been coming for years. Our office couldn’t have drug our feet any longer before starting CHUSA. We were pleasantly surprised that our patients were really open to change. It was very easy to explain to them our new policy, and we can’t thank everyone at ChirohealthUSA enough for making it such a seamless process. Another awesome part of CHUSA was the extra discount for any family members that referred in. It has really helped our office turn into a family practice. We can’t say enough great things about CHUSA. We love it!

Amy Hardin

On behalf of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA), I would like to Thank ChiroHealthUSA for the effective and valuable service discount plan they offer to all of the Chiropractic Doctors around the country and for their generous support of COCSA as a Platinum Member!

Thanks to ChiroHealthUSA for providing our state members with a legal and ethical solution that supports the Association, their Doctors, and their patients. There are over 33 COCSA state member associations that have seen chiropractic access improved because of ChiroHealthUSA! We appreciate all that you do for COCSA and this outstanding profession!

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