You Were Never Intended to Carry the Story Alone!

Mar 5, 2019

You Were Never Intended to Carry the Story Alone!


Bharon Hoag


Tue 3/05/2019    
2:15 pm

The profession of chiropractic has often felt it was the responsibility of the chiropractor to tell the story. Most consulting groups will push chiropractors to do marketing of some sort, maybe hire someone to do your marketing but it is still happening from the chiropractors perspective. With all due respect, we have been doing this for over 123 years and the majority of the world still does not understand what chiropractic is.

This webinar will help teach you how to transition the opportunity of telling the chiropractic story to your patients. There is a process in getting your patients to want to tell the story and once they get it you will not need to market anymore. There is nothing to buy, no software to install.

We will teach you the right way to communicate as a benefit of being a friend of ChiroHealthUSA!