Raising Perceived Value

Jul 17, 2018

Raising Perceived Value


Dr. David Jackson


Tue 7/17/2018    
2:15 pm

Here’s What To Expect On The Webinar:

Dr. David Jackson is going to walk you through the 10 Proven Strategies every chiropractor must know if they want to grow their business and hit their goals in 2018, and he’ll also show you:

  • The communication process he has taught to hundreds of Epic Practice members, and that he uses himself, to assure massive value and action
  • How to choose ONE strategy you can execute now
  • Exactly how to structure your value so that you covert more, make more and retain patients longer
    And the best part?

The strategies you will discover will make your practice (and life) more profitable and less stressful. And there’s nothing for sale. Are you ready to grow your business in 2018?