HIPAA Matters During the Coronavirus

Apr 16, 2020

HIPAA Matters During the Coronavirus


Dr. Mario Fucinari


Thu 4/16/2020    
3:00 pm

As we go through the COVID-19 crisis, it is imperative to know the HIPAA guidelines for your office. Whether you are open, closed, soon to open, or eventually will open, it is important to mitigate your vulnerabilities. Dr. Mario Fucinari will show you ways to assess the risks during the crisis and present a step-by-step approach to maintain compliance in these trying times.

Class Content
• Emergency Mode Operation Plan
• Policies and Procedures in HIPAA
• Known exposures
• Plan Declaration
• Staff Shift Schedule
• Your Communication Plan
• Non-Discrimination Procedures
• Activation of the Team
• Employee Contact Information
• Vendor Notification
• HIPAA Exceptions

Dr. Fucinari has helped train doctors and staff over the last 20 years. He received his bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University in Detroit and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1986. After graduating from Palmer College, Dr. Fucinari completed studies in chiropractic orthopedics and attained his certification as a chiropractic sports physician. He currently practices full time in Decatur, Illinois and is on the faculty and post-grad faculty at Logan Chiropractic College. Dr. Fucinari is a certified medical compliance specialist. He was the recipient of the 2003 President’s Award from the Illinois Chiropractic Society for his work with education and training.