Finding a Joy-Filled Practice

Nov 14, 2023

Finding a Joy-Filled Practice


Dr. Jodi Dinnerman


Tue 11/14/2023    
2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Dr. Dinnerman works with wellness practitioners worldwide, and when she starts the strategy work with them, she always begins with this one question… “When was the last time you ended your day of serving clients — closed your doors, shut the lights out, and headed home — thinking how much fun your day was?”

If you are like most wellness practitioners, the end of the day can’t come soon enough. You are working too hard for too many hours and not meeting your month-end goals. You give it all you’ve got with the training and the coaching and the scripts, only to end up at the same place in practice over and over — stuck and heading towards burn-out. In this webinar, Dr. Jodi Dinnerman will share tried-and-true practice habits and community celebrations that she has used for over two decades to grow, nourish, and support her wellness practice. This presentation shreds the myth that you need to spend countless hours and hard-earned dollars growing your practice, even more so without joy.