CA-101: Super-Star CAs Make Super-Star Practices

Feb 13, 2018

CA-101: Super-Star CAs Make Super-Star Practices


Kathy Mills Chang


Tue 2/13/2018    
2:15 pm

Savvy doctors know that a professional chiropractic assistant is worth their weight in gold. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of busy practice life, ongoing training and development takes a backseat to keeping the show on the road. Both experienced and brand new CAs can always benefit from training directed at the professional Chiropractic Assistant. This very important role requires a dedicated and educated individual to support both the practice and the doctor. In this class, we’ll cover those basic—but often overlooked—critical pieces of knowledge that are “must-know” to truly make a super-star CA:

  • Be aware of pitfalls for CAs around boundaries with patients and other staff
  • Better overall awareness of the importance of the CA role
  • Help DCs know how to best help CAs to help THEM
  • Apply ethical standards within the practice as they relate to the CA position
  • How to offer an environment of safety and security for a patient within the practice
  • Be the extra eyes and ears to lead and guide the practice on basic documentation principles to support the doctor