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Presented by Dean Rottinghaus
Tue 10/04/2016 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Dean Rottinghaus

Topics of discussion:

  • How an integrated practice will increase a chiropractor’s income
  • How to offer medically necessary services that truly help your patients
  • How to increase offered services in your office
  • What are the legal requirements of integrating your office and do they change from state to state?
  • How to increase a patient’s quality of life
  • How to increase the doctor’s quality of life
  • An integrated practice no longer pigeon holes a chiropractor to low back pain, headaches and neck pain
  • There are many more opportunities for the chiropractic office to be a one-stop shop, especially in under-served areas
  • Increase the number of patients seen in the office
  • The ability to market to a larger demographic of patients


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