Presented by Cindy Howard
Tue 5/25/2021 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Cindy Howard

How to improve patient outcomes, increase retention and build your practice through

This one-hour webinar is going to help you improve your communication and meet the needs of your patients to ensure they follow through and achieve optimal improvement. When we excel at probing through a history to uncover the patient’s true needs, explain thoroughly how our treatment will meet those needs, overcome any objections, and provide confident direction, success for the patient and your business will be achieved. You will learn some basic skills that when practiced will improve patient adherence and prevent frustration when patients don’t follow through. Sometimes simple communication techniques will make an enormous difference. If you struggle this hour will help you. If you are already great at it then you can still pick up a pearl or two to continue to help you excel. This will help all practitioners.


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Cindy Howard