Ancillary Staff, Are they Worth it? – Patient Advocates, Public Relations CA’s and Scribes

May 1, 2018

Presented by Lisa Maciejewski West
Tue 5/01/2018 ● 2:15 pm ET
Cost: FREE

Lisa Maciejewski West

As healthcare reimbursement models move rapidly toward payments based on quality of care, more medical and chiropractic offices are looking for efficient and time-saving ways to improve quality outcomes and the patient experience, stay compliant with documentation requirements, and grow their practices…all at the same time. This has, in turn, created a need to revamp the traditional roles of CA’s, and in some cases, create new positions in the practice that allow for more growth, efficiency, and profitability. In this webinar, we will explore the pros and cons of ancillary staff, and help you decide if any of these ancillary positions could benefit you now or in the future.


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