ChiroHealthUSA - The Network That Works for Chiropractic!

We are experiencing intermittent difficulties with our phone and internet service.  If you need immediate assistance and are unable to reach us at 888-719-9990, please call 601-936-0113 or e-mail  We apologize for any inconvenience.

We are here to help doctors, their staff members, and, most importantly, YOUR patients! We are a provider-owned network that works with a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO). We have a network of doctors who are concerned about patients having access to affordable healthcare. Our network of doctors want to assist their patients who are un-insured, partially-insured, or under-insured.

Medicare continues to increase its efforts to ensure that every detail of the laws, rules, and regulations are followed to the letter, and it is up to the doctor to protect himself.  Properly utilizing the CHUSA program will greatly assist that protection by allowing you to offer discounts to patients—including Medicare patients—that comply with the current laws, rules, and regulations.  I confidently recommend CHUSA to all of my clients and at my seminars and webinars.

Dr. Ron Short, DC
Certified Insurance Consultant
Certified Medical Compliance Specialist
Author, Medicare for Chiropractors